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Item Information
Type Katana
User Ichigen Miwa (former)
Yukari Mishakuji
First appearance
Anime Debut K: Missing Kings
Manga Debut K -Count Down-

Ayamachi(Ayamachi) is a sword that once belonged to the former Colorless King, Ichigen Miwa. It is currently in Yukari Mishakuji's possession.[1][2]


A katana with a black hilt, and a peculiar shaping near its hilt that juts out. The sheathe is dark purple, tied with a much lighter purple cloth. when it is drawn, it appears to have enough space in its side, so it often draws out in a tilted motion, rather than straight out.[1] Its sheath features the Colourless Clan's insignia.

When Yukari channels his Aura into Ayamachi, it glows a bright violet.[1]


Ayamachi was given to Yukari after a challenge with Ichigen. After Yukari manages to land a hit on Ichigen, he acknowledges that Yukari has the skill to land a significant blow on a King such as himself, and that he always intended on giving this sword to Yukari. Ichigen believes that Yukari is the person that should wield Ayamachi. Its name isn't just a name, and its meaning is up to Yukari's own interpretation. Yukari claims that Ayamachi contains all of his passion and ambitions, making it strong and full.[2]

Trivia Edit

Ayamachi's name means "fault", "error".


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