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K Radio Drama
Kanji バー・ホムラ
Rōmaji Bā Homura
English Bar HOMRA
Drama Information
Episode 01
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Bar HOMRA (バー・ホムラ, Bā Homura) is the first story in the Radio Drama.


The story starts off with Totsuka happily humming 'Circle of friends' while trimming his bonsai plant and Kusanagi asks him not to make the dust rise. As the two continue chatting about the bonsai and memories, Yata comes in upon asking what the two were talking about, Totsuka gleefully answers about memories, but Kusanagi answers that they were talking about cleaning the bar, confusing Yata. Kusanagi goes to complain about how the clansmen not doing enough and blaming him Yata interjects, only to have his face become crushed under one of Kusanagi's hands who kindly asks him the same question, forcing Yata to agree.

Totsuka soon prepares Anna's food, Yata and Kusanagi helping. Kusanagi said it was because Anna wanted Mikoto to get out of his room more often as he gets the food prepared. As Yata tries to find pudding only to recover none, Totsuka cheerfully answers he ate them and that they were "delicious". Yata starts scolding Totsuka and Kusanagi changes the menu slightly. In the end the food ended up looking "red" as Yata described it: Ketchup, omelete rice and tomato juice, prompting Totsuka to call it a "success".

When Kamamoto walks in he happily smells the food and pauses to comment that it was "red". Next, Anna comes in, greeting everyone before sitting down for her meal. She too notices that her food was "red". Totsuka nods his head while the other clansmen (besides Kusanagi) laughs lightly, confusing Ana. Finally, Mikoto comes down and the clansmen greet him respectfully. As the king sat down, he looks at his meal in mild confusion saying that: "it's red". Totsuka laughs telling his clansmen, "you see?" before they all start bursting in laughter. Mikoto asks confusedly what they were laughing about and while Anna answered that she didn't quiet know, she commented that it was fun, receiving a small appreciative grunt from Mikoto.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Tatara Totsuka
  2. Izumo Kusanagi
  3. Misaki Yata
  4. Rikio Kamamoto
  5. Anna Kushina
  6. Mikoto Suoh


Radio Drama
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N/A Shopping

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