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K Radio Drama
Kanji カクテル
Rōmaji Kakuteru
English Cocktail
Drama Information
Episode 03
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Shopping Fried Rice

Cocktail (カクテル, Kakuteru) is the third story in the Radio Drama.


As Kusanagi welcomes in another customer, he is a bit surprised that it is the Blue's lieutenant, Seri Awashima. At first, he is a little hesitant to serve her, but as she states she should probably go eslewhere because he is acting too familiar with his customers, he slowly apologizes and asks her what she would like. As she gives him an order he complies until she asks to add "zunda" as her toppings. He is shocked at the order but decides to change the drink to something she had previously (blue moon with red bean paste topping). When he serves her, she comments how the drink is like her clan and Kusanagi asks her to be quiet in his head. Wondering if she is just toying with him, he is impressed when she finishes her drink. However, she continues to order more and more drinks; and Kusanagi has no choice but to comply.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Izumo Kusanagi
  2. Seri Awashima


Radio Drama
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Shopping Fried Rice

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