Knuckle Bump
Episode Information
Episode 12
Japanese Air Date December 19, 2015
English Air Date TBA
Opening Theme Asymmetry
Insert Theme K vs K
Ending Theme Kai
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Kali-yuga Kings (anime)
Episode 12 Screenshots

Summary Edit

The alliance of the silver and red clansmen swoop down over the battle between the Grey king Tenkei Iwafune and Reisi Munakata, crashing at the Yomito gate. Tenkei manages to beat down Munakata, only for his own clansmen to arrive and block off Tenkeis final blow. Seri Awashima tells Reisi that they have suppressed the incidents of new strains around the city and saved the prime miniter. Reisi manages to regain his strength and attacks Tenkei with a single blow, Tenkei stumbles back in disbelief, already laying a pool of his own blood. The team of Scepter 4 look back at Reisi, noticing that he is dangerously close to Damocles down.

Members of HOMRA begin to take the several basement levels of the secret base, each given one of Anna Kushina's marbles. Izumo Kusanagi assists Shiro into the lower levels, while Saruhiko Fushimi and Sukuna Gojo battle deep under Jungle's secret base, B9. Just as Saruhiko is on the verge of death, Yata MisaKi appears and aids him, forcing him to play along with a bit of old time teamwork. The two manage to defeat Sukuna, throwing him deep into a hole. Yata leaves Fushimi to do his own job as Fushimi is backed up by Douhan Hirasaka.

Yukari Mishakuji challenges Kuroh Yatogami deep in the underground to a duel as Neko and Yashiro are forced to leave him behind.

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