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Fried Rice
K Radio Drama
Kanji チャーハン
Rōmaji Chāhan
English Fried Rice
Drama Information
Episode 04
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Cocktail Butler Café

Fried Rice (チャーハン, Chāhan) is the fourth story in the Radio Drama.


Yata decides to make some Chanan and Kamamoto watches him. However, the two soon starts bickering because Yata's way of cooking is different than what Kamamoto likes. The two continue to bicker throughout the the story until Yata then serves his friend the rice. After some rough persuasion, Kamamoto eats and states that it was really good.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Rikio Kamamoto
  2. Misaki Yata


Radio Drama
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Cocktail Butler Café

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