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Gōki Zenjō
Gouki Zenjou Profile
Kanji 善条剛毅
Rōmaji Zenjō Gōki
Race Human
Age 37[1]
Birthday June 30th[2]
Horoscope Cancer
Height 195 cm (6'5")[3]
Gender 17px-Male.png Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Blood Type O[4]
Professional Status
Affiliation 35px-SCEPTER4_Insignia.png Scepter 4
Occupation Clansman
Base of Operations Scepter 4 HQ
Personal Status
Status Active
Aura Blue
Weapon Demon Sword
First appearance
Manga Debut K -Count Down-
Novel Debut K SIDE:BLUE
Japanese Voice Kenjirō Tsuda
Image Gallery

Gōki Zenjō (善条剛毅, Zenjō Gōki) is a member of Scepter 4 and serves in the Internal Affairs division as Director of General Affairs Division File Room. He also sometimes leads Dojo training.


Zenjo is very tall and muscular with spiky brown hair, brown eyes, and wears glasses.  The left arm of his uniform - which is the former uniform during the former Blue King's reign - is knotted just above the elbow, as he has no left arm.  A large scar runs from the bridge of his nose and down his left cheek, which he often rubs at absently.


He seems to have two sides to him. When he's practicing swordsmanship, he is scarily serious and commanding. Outside of the Scepter 4 Dojo, he is mild mannered and even smiles lightly at any guests he might receive at work. He doesn't eat often at the cafeteria but uses a small kitchenette outside of his file room


Zenjo had served under the previous Blue King, Jin Habari, and was rumored to be a very good fighter under him. He's also known as “Zenjō the Demon” in K -Count Down- and "Zenjo the Ogre" in K Return of Kings.

During the Kagutsu Crater, he lost his left arm and was scarred across his face. He was reluctant in slaying Habari for the sake of preventing a second Damocles Down, but ultimately did as such. Afterwards, he left Scepter 4 and lived a secluded life, his dislike of people growing over ten years.

It isn't until he's visited by Munakata Reisi that he returns to Scepter 4, with the intention of judging the new King. If he deems him unfit, he'll slay him.

Plot Edit

K Side: Blue Edit

He is an one of the main characters in K Side: Blue.

K Count Down Edit

At a food stall, Zenjō meets Shiotsu Gen, another former Clansman of Jin Habari's, and he notes his surprise in meeting the man in such a place, mentioning Zenjō's reputation as “Zenjō the Demon”, and asks about his position now serving Munakata. Zenjō affirms it's true, and asks Shiotsu about how he's doing. Shiotsu answers by saying he gets by taking care of Habari's two final Clansmen, the twins Akito and Hayato Minato, who had joined at age eleven two weeks prior to the Kagutsu Crater and Habari's death. Zenjō refers to them as kids, but Shiotsu points out they're now adults, which makes him comment on how fourteen years have passed since the crater, and how as kids grow into adults, he and Zenjō have grown old.

Background on their former King is given, and how Zenjō and Shiotsu were his two closest Clansmen, and how Genji Kagutsu's Damocles Down also gave way the risk of Habari's own Damocles Down, prevented only by Zenjō slaying him.

Shitosu asks why Zenjō serves under the new Blue King, since, after Habari's death, he was the first to leave Scepter 4. Zenjō reasons that he is simply watching Munakata. Understanding the meaning behind his words, Shiotsu refers to it as Zenjō 'making sure'. Zenjō mentions how it must be some sort of sign that he and Zenjō met under such conditions, and Shiotsu remarks that it's rare of him to say something like that.

Suddenly, Zenjō tells Shitosu of the crack in Munakata's sword, which catches Shiotsu off guard, but he soon notes how it's almost been a year since Munakata had slain a King. He asks Zenjō if he's serving under Munakata because of “that time”, and Zenjō only answers by saying he's no more but a staff member for the Information Department. Shiotsu stares before drinking from his glass, that that is so.

Later, Munakata sees Zenjō returning, asking if he went out to eat for once. Zenjō says he did, since, while Scepter Four's teams are busy, he in the Information Department is at leisure. Munakata calls this something to be envied, and says that it's a waste someone of Zenjō's calibre is merely in the Information Department, and asks if he'll transfer sections after all. Zenjō declines, saying that with his condition, he has no intention of taking a sword. Munakata smiles hollowly, calling that a pity, and he walks away without another word.

K Return of Kings Edit

Munakata and Zenjō approach the Green Clan's hideout, and confront the <jungle> lackeys who spot them. The Blue King confirms that the pillar of light from the stolen Dresden Slate was visible for 15 minutes and 30 seconds, so it was impossible not to notice. When Zenjō comments that there are many of <jungle>'s lackeys, and asks if he wants him to lead off, Munakata responds in the negative; he even reminds Zenjō that he is no longer the Captain of Scepter 4, but an ordinary king as he walks through the yellow tape forming a barricade. As the <jungle> lackeys prepare to attack, Munakata smiles and advances, his aura forming a barrier protecting him from the bullets being fired at him from all sides.

A <jungle> sniper tries to attack him from behind,but Zenjō deflects the attack, apologising for the interruption, only to have the Blue King note that not blocking the attack would have saved him the trouble. Zenjō replies that the Captain must be joking. He then states is all they have to do now is wait.

Munakata seems slightly unsettled when Iwafune emerges from the suddenly opened gates of the Green Clan's hideout, and greets them. The Blue King then tells Zenjō that there is no need for him to assist him, and focus on the task at hand, to which the former acknowledges.


- K Side: Blue

- K -Count Down-

- K Return of Kings


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