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Welcome to K Project Wiki!
This is an extensive, ever-growing database dedicated to the K series by GoRA.
There are currently 358 pages and a circulating total of 26,642 edits since being founded July 30, 2012‎.
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Featured Article
Anna Profile

Anna Kushina
Anna Kushina (櫛名アンナ, Kushina Anna, ') is a female Strain, a member of HOMRA, and is currently the group's youngest member, as well its only female member. Without her marbles, she is colorblind, except to the color red. In K: Missing Kings, she was chosen as the new king of HOMRA.

In K SIDE:RED, Anna's past and powers are revealed. Anna came from a family consisting of her mother, father, and aunt, her father's sister. However, her parents were killed in an 'accident', leaving her in her aunt, Honami Kushina's care. At this point, Anna rarely talks, and wears blue dresses instead of red.

Honami often stopped by Bar HOMRA, Suohe she's Mikoto Suoh and Izumo Kusanagi's former teacher, and brings Anna along as well. During this time, Anna takes an interest in Mikoto, due to the fact that his red is the strongest, and she can see him clearly thanks to her colorblindness. Meanwhile, Mikoto is shown to not be too fond of Anna, often referring to her as a brat and nothing more.

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Latest Episode
「K: Return of Kings」
Episode 9 (Return of Kings)

Kid's Room

With the alliance shattered after the loss of the Slates to the Gray King, the clans decides to host a Christmas party to cheer themselves up. However, after his resignation from Scepter 4, Saruhiko Fushimi decides to infiltrate >jungle> on his own.

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Latest Chapter
「K: Memory of Red」
Chapter 13

Summer Night Ghost

Now summer time, all of the HOMRA members have a day out at the beach. Chitose and Bandō make attempts to score girls but ultimately fail, due to the apparent charms coming from their other Clansmen. Later, after hearing about a grimly tale regarding a young boy's death, they all decide to see whether there is a ghost lurking around the beach. It soon becomes evident that there is someone visiting during the night.

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「K: Stray Dog Story」
SDS Chapter 5

Final Chapter

Kuroh Yatogami finally makes it into Shizume City where he officially begins his search for the current Colorless King. He soon discovers that another organization, HOMRA, is after the same target; apparently, one of their own Clansmen has been murdered by the Colorless King himself. Kuroh's motivation rises as he nears his meeting with the man on his death wish.

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Anna, you can't hide anymore.

–Izumo Kusanagi to Anna Kushina.

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