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I beg your hate
Vol 7 Cover
Song Information
Artist Saruhiko Fushimi (Cv. Mamoru Miyano)
Character Song Guide
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N/A Circle of Friends

I beg your hate is a character song of K, sung by Saruhiko Fushimi (Cv. Mamoru Miyano).


L & R Together we wear one side in each of our ears
Wearing the same uniform, looking your sleepy face
Sharing a languid conversation, the bus drives away with us on it

Wearing the R on my left side, while you wear the L on your right,
It’s amazing how you’re stirring slightly by my side
You tug lightly on your side of the earphones,
So I keep quiet and tilt my head to my left to you
That’s the only thing I can be proud of when it comes to you

All the adults and the kids in the world share the same worries
The annoyance, the despise, the restlessness, the pressure-
The song is sang in a voice that’s already worn out..
The need to become somebody else, to fulfill some sort of demand
I feel the increasing need to escape from society
But my route of escape is blocked by the L & the R ..
We’re filled to the brim by the screams of the singer

L & R, since when did the sound that we hear become different?
Noticing the rhythm of the tapping of your fingers on your knee,
I realize we have slowly begun drifting apart

Before the album ends, I will be riding with you,
Because of this thing you said, I secretly put the song on repeat,
But as the bus stops in front of our school, you who have forgotten,
Lifts your bag on your shoulders..
And ends up tugging the earphones out of my ears

The childishness between us keeps us in iffy arguments,
The choking pain, the irritating, the unhappiness and aversion
In place of our conversation, there is that song..
The need be become somebody else, the irritating demand to satisfy,
I really wanted to run away from this society..
But my route of escape is confined by the L & R..
Our screams of pain will burn us both..

If you decide to change your earphones for Amps
And if you say, “Let’s sing this song together, everyone,”
I’ll just have to destroy those Amps, right?
I beg your hate

L to R futari de hitotsuzutsu mimi ni tsuketa
Onaji seifuku nemu tagena kao monoui kaiwa nosete hashiru basu

Hidari ni iru no ni R Migi ni iru no ni L
Fushigi garu kimi no sukoshi no mijirogi de
Iyafonkōdo hippara rete boku wa damatte kubi o hidari ni katamukeru
Soredake no koto ga hokorashikatta

Sekaijū no otona to kodomo no yūutsu o
Iradatashi-sa o fukigen o hanmon o jūatsu o
Suri kireta koe de utatte iru uta
Nanimono ka ni nare tte urusaku yōkyū suru shakai kara nigedashita gatte iru
Dakedo nigemichi wa L to R ga fusai deru
Utaite no himei ga bokutachi o mitasu

L to R itsu kara chigau oto ga kikoe teta?
Hiza o tataku yubisaki no rizumu kidzukeba sukoshi zutsu zurebaji me teta

Kono arubamu owaru made notte ikou yotte
Kimi ga ittakara naisho de ripīto ni shita
Demo gakkō mae no basutei wasurete kimi wa sukuba sagete tachiagatta
Iyafonkōdo hippara rete nuketa

Bokutachi no naka no mijukude ayafuyana
Ikigurushi-sa o fuyukai o iwakan o ken'en o
Kawari ni kotoba ni shite kureta uta
Nanimono ka ni nare tte urusaku yōkyū suru shakai kara nigedashitakatta nda
Dakedo nigemichi wa L to R ni tojikomeru
Bokutachi no himei wa bokutachi o kogasu

Moshi kimi ga kono iya fon o anpu ni kaete
Min'na de konoutawo utaou to iu nonara
Boku wa anpu o bukkowasudarou
I beg your hate

LとR ふたりで一つずつ耳につけた
同じ制服 眠たげな顔 物憂い会話 乗せて走るバス

左にいるのにR 右にいるのにL
不思議がる君の すこしの身じろぎで
イヤフォンコード引っ張られて 僕は黙って首を左に傾ける

苛立たしさを 不機嫌を 煩悶を 重圧を
摩り切れた声で 歌っている歌
何者かになれって 煩く要求する社会から 逃げだしたがっている
だけど逃げ道は LとRが塞いでる

LとR いつから違う音が聴こえてた?
膝をたたく指先のリズム 気づけばすこしずつずれはじめてた

このアルバム終わるまで 乗っていこうよって
君が言ったから 内緒でリピートにした
でも学校前のバス停 忘れて君は スクバ提げて立ちあがった

息苦しさを 不愉快を 違和感を 倦厭を
何者かになれって 煩く要求する社会から 逃げだしたかったんだ
だけど逃げ道は LとRに閉じ込める

I beg your hate


I beg your hate
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