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K: Memory of Red
Magazine Promotional Artwork
Kanji K-メモリー・オブ・レッド-
Manga Information
Genre Action, Martial Arts, Josei, Supernatural
Writer GoRA
Illustrator Yui Kuroe
Publisher Kodansha
Magazine ARiA
Original Run May 28, 2012 – July 28, 2013
Chapters 15
Volumes 3

K: Memory of Red is a manga prequel to the anime K. It is written by GoRA and illustrated by Yui Kuroe, and has been serialized in Kodansha's ARiA magazine from May 28, 2012 to July 28, 2013.


In Shizume City, everyone knows about the Red King. He is a King of otherworldly power, said to be the very personification of fire. No one truly believes in his existence, yet at the same time, they both fear and admire it.

The Red King is Mikoto Suoh, leader of the infamous Clan HOMRA. Anyone able to pass his Clan's "test" is able to join HOMRA. Nevertheless, their members are as close as blood kin. None of them is left alone. And none of them is harmed without their attackers being dealt with the same consequences.

List of ChaptersEdit

Main article: Chapters
Cover # Title Release date
K Memory of Red 01 HOMRA (Part 1) May 28, 2012
Chapter 2 02 HOMRA (Part 2) June 28, 2012
Chapter 3 03 Strange Love July 28, 2012
Chapter 4 04 Memory (Part 1) August 28, 2012
Chapter 5 cover 05 Memory (Part 2) September 28, 2012
Chapter 6 Cover 06 Basashi Panic (Part 1) October 28, 2012
Chapter 7 Cover 07 Basashi Panic (Part 2) November 28, 2012
Chapter 8 08 Rainy Day December 28, 2012
Chapter 9 09 Summer's Kamamoto January 28, 2013
Chapter 10 10 Inside the Cellar (Part 1) February 28, 2013
Chapter 11 11 Inside the Cellar (Part 2) March 28, 2013
Chapter 12 12 The Graceful Day of the King and the Princess April 28, 2013
Chapter 13 13 Summer Night Ghost May 28, 2013
Chapter 14 14 King June 28, 2013
Chapter 15 15 HAPPY BIRTHDAY July 28, 2013
[[]] 16 After the Sweet Memory


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