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Takes place after the Mihashira Tower incident of 13 October in K: Missing Kings, featuring different characters' viewpoints.

The manga ran from December 2014 to July 2015.



# Title Release date
Count Down 1 Cover 01 Little King 28 December, 2014
Count Down 2 Cover 02 Home & Kingdom 28 January, 2015
Count Down 3 Cover 03 The Dog and Cat's Place to Go Home to 28 February, 2015
Count Down Cover 4 04 Goodbye, Old Friend 28 March, 2015
Count Down 5 Cover 05 You Must Find Your Way 28 April, 2015
Count Down Cover 6 06 Damaged Blue 28 May, 2015
Count Down 7 Cover 07 Happy Birthday Again 27 June, 2015
Count Down Cover 8 08 The Green Move 28 July, 2015

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