Episode Information
Episode 11
Japanese Air Date December 19, 2015
English Air Date TBA
Opening Theme Asymmetry
Insert Theme K vs K
Ending Theme Kai
Episode Guide
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Keystone Knuckle bump
Episode 11 Screenshots

Summary Edit

The Slates finally awakens, effecting the entire city, along with Ashinaka High School. While Kukuri Yukizome successfully is able to quell the riots in the school, the prime ministers office is attacked. Tenkei Iwafune attempts to ask Nagare if with his new power he can revert time back to the Kagutsu Crater Incident, however the two of them quickly dispel this as a rather crazy thought and ignore the prime ministers plea for help. Reisi Munakata and Gōki Zenjō begin to approach the entrance of Jungles secret base, the U rank member begin to open fire on them, despite their gun fire being useless against the two blue clansmen.

Scepter 4 is revealed to be the "Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Civil Registry Department, Annex 4" and goes out to assist Munakata despite their orders from the prime minister. Saruhiko Fushimi begins to hack the security system of Jungle to open up the main door to the secret base, Kotosaka used as a medium by Nagare warns him that the second he opens the door, he is defected and to be killed. Saruhiko disagrees with Nagare's morals and opens the door, the door to the security room shortly opens, Sukuna Gojo attacks Saruhiko.

The door to the secret base opens, revealing Tenkei Iwafune, wanting to face Reisi again. Tenkei notices Zenjō and comments about his slaying the blue king Jin Habari and that he sure has aged, which Zenjō replies back with Tenkei sure being dried up. Tenkei agrees and raises his fog, just before the airship Schattenreich is crashed into the Yomito Gate. The two kings release their Sword of Damocles and proceed to battle.

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