Episode Information
Episode 8
Japanese Air Date November 20, 2015
English Air Date TBA
Opening Theme Asymmetry
Insert Theme K vs K
Ending Theme Kai
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Kickdown Kid's Room
Episode 8 Screenshots

Summary Edit

With Tenkei Iwafune, the Sixth King's unexpected appearance, Shiro must rethink his strategy while Reisi Munakata battles Tenkei. Munakata tells the tragedy of the Grey clan Cathedral during the Kagutsu Crater Incident, and how the sixth king—once known as 'Seigō Ōtori'—had taken in Nagare Hisui after he had become the Green King and had changed his own name to 'Tenkei Iwafune'. Tenkei defeats Munakata and takes the Slate along with Nagare from Mihashira Tower, escaping just as the rest of the allied clans make it to the Kings. Scepter 4 attempts to locate the escape chopper after evacuating the area, but was unable to in the end because the fog is also able to disrupt their radars.

Yashiro is left stumped, because of his inability to forsee the wild card—the Grey King's involvement—that Jungle had used to obtain the Dresden Slate, and blames himself for the Slate being stolen. Anna Kushina reassures him that it isn't over yet. Misaki Yata talks with Saruhiko Fushimi, who continues to provoke Misaki. Misaki insults Saruhiko's King for losing to Tenkei. Saruhiko pauses and agrees with Misaki leaving him in shock. Saruhiko is later seen arguing with Reisi, which ended with Reisi calling Saruhiko a traitor and Saruhiko telling Reisi that he is resigning, leaving his sword and coat on the Scepter 4 truck. Members of Scepter 4 tensed, ready to apprehend him, but Reisi orders his men to stand down, clenching his hands tightly. Word spreads quickly about Saruhiko's resignation from Scepter 4 and even suprises Yata.

Battles & EventsEdit

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