Episode Information
Episode 10
Japanese Air Date December 5, 2015
English Air Date TBA
Opening Theme Asymmetry
Ending Theme Kai
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Kid's Room Kali-yuga
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Summary Edit

As the Green clansmen view the slate, Sukuna Gojo and Saruhiko Fushimi bicker about their roles, only to be hit over the head by Yukari Mishakuji telling them to stop bickering between one another. Sukuna runs off to talk with Nagare, Fushimi comments about how strange the group is having two clansmen, two kings, and a parrot. Yukari questions Fushimi, seeing how this will be how the new world will most likely seem now. After Reisi is fired from the position of Captain by the Prime Minister, Seri Awashima is soon dismissed by the minister to show that Scepter 4 is only on stand by from now on. Shiro comes to a conclusion to stop the slates by completely destroying it with a Damocles down. Anna Kushina visits Shiro and eventually returns to HOMRA with the news.

Reisi Munakata enter the bar and begins to talk about the past, comparing himself to Mikoto Suoh before his Damocles down. Anna says that he is nothing like Mikoto, reverting to a flashback of the two fighting on the roofs and streets. Reisi after a light shock, leaves subtly. Shiro sets down three silver objects, stating that these will be their new insignias. Kuro is handed the job of deciding the name, White Rice Party from the rice that they normally eat, later playing a quote from Ichigen Miwa.

Both at the same time, Yashiro and Anna get extreme headaches as the Green clan releases the power of the slates full blast, a huge light emits from the secret base and into the sky. Reisi heads towards it, looking back as he thinks he hears Mikoto Suoh.

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