Episode Information
Episode 7
Japanese Air Date November 14, 2015
English Air Date TBA
Opening Theme Asymmetry
Insert Theme K vs K
Ending Theme Kai
Episode Guide
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Keeper Kaput
Episode 7 Screenshots

Summary Edit

The battle between the green clansmen and the alliance members shifts with the now approaching power of the Green king Nagare Hisui joining the fight. Yukari Mishakuji despite being trapped by both combined forces of Scepter 4 and HOMRA clansmen escapes by cutting a hole though the floor and meeting up with Sukuna Gojo as he is on the verge of losing to Kuroh Yatogami. Yukari and Sukuna escape Mihashira Tower. Seri Awashima contacts Saruhiko Fushimi to progress to level 3 security, disabling any and all communication and electricity in the building, locking it down completely, attempting to tear away at the Green Kings short time in his rampaging state. The Yata MisaKi grows aggravated with the lack of fighting, insulting the blue king and his members before being hit over the head by kusanagi Izumo. The quarrel is shorylu interrupted by Nagare's power closing in.

Anna Kushina activates her sanctum and defends the two clans as Nagare storms the room and attack, then nocking them all back with a quick dash past. Anna gives chase, trying to stop the Green king. The Green king begins to explain his motives, to grant the power of the slate to regular human beings, as a sort of evolution. Just before Nagare barges into the Chamber of slates, he attacks Anna in the form of an electric beast and nocks anna back, blowing through the doors to the room. Reisi Munakata swing his sword upward, launching Nagare into the air and bursting the room/pool above. Yashiro Isana, Neko, and kuro make it to the chamber of sates with Anna as Reisi teases Nagare for acting as an animal upon his irrational, destructive, an unplanned attack. Nagare explains that all humans are animals, comparing himself to Neko, with the name Ameno Miyabi. Reisi munakata questions why Nagare would do this himself, yet alone in Nagares state, calling him a corpse. Nagare explains that he has a "Trump card" and that his "Trump card" will be the one fighting Reisi.

Back in the hallways leading to the chamber of slates, Scepter 4 and HOMRA members race to the chamber, however they are all stopped by a mysterious fog and figure. Izumo tries firing his lighter at the figure only for it to turn to look at Izumo and then continue down the hallway. The security systems in the Scepter 4 police van begin to buzz, registering an "Unknown King,"" Fushimi rushes outside of the van to see a new Sword of Damocles emerging from mist above the building with the Green, silver, red, and blue swords. Reisi announces that the figure accompanying Nagare into the building and being Jungles J rank Tenkei Iwafune otherwise known as the Grey King Seigo Ootori.

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