Kid's Room
Episode Information
Episode 9
Japanese Air Date December 5 2015
English Air Date TBA
Opening Theme Asymmetry
Insert Theme K vs K
Ending Theme Kai
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Kaput Keystone
Episode 9 Screenshots

Summary Edit

With the alliance shattered after the loss of the Slates to the Gray King, the clans decide to host a Christmas party to cheer up. After Fushimi resigned from Scepter 4, he decides to infiltrate jungle on his own. In order to do this, Fushimi visits Douhan Hirasaka in the Scepter 4 prison, giving her a PDA and breaking her out. While Kuroh Yatogami is being stalked by Green clan members, the city begins to break out with random incidents, people gaining powers without being the clansmen of a king. Yashiro begins to research a way to stop the slates, Seri Awashima and Izumo Kusanagi attend a party, celebrating "Jungle Boot Up Reception" to snitch on the coming and going of members of Jungle.

The two escape to the parking lot before they are attacked by a throwing knife, similar to Fushimi's, only now enveloped in green aura. It is revealed that Fushimi has now become J rank for jungle for attacking the two of them, he escapes with Douhan leaving the two questioning Fushimi's motives. Fushimi is later shown around the Green clan secret base by Yukari Mishakuji before meeting the other J rank members who invite him to a dinner party. The other clans begin to become wary of Fushimi's new occupation, attempting to fill the role that Fushimi once was.

Once Fushimi is shown the secret base and J rank members, he accompanies their party, showing little interest in their motives as he once did while in HOMRA.

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