Episode Information
Episode 13
Japanese Air Date December 26, 2015
English Air Date TBA
Opening Theme Asymmetry
Ending Theme Kai
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Yashiro Isana and Neko split up from Kuroh Yatogami, who wanted to defeat Yukari Mishakuji by himself. They meet Nagare Hisui, who is near the Dresden Slate. They engage in dialogue, and doing so their Swords of Damocles show themselves. That was the signal for Anna Kushina to proceed with the plan that Yashiro had for destroying the Slate. Anna and the rest of HOMRA create a path for Yashiro's Sword of Damocles to fall onto the Dresden Slate. Nagare attempts to kill Yashiro before his sword could fall, but they were saved by Kuroh. Yashiro's sword falls onto the Slate and successfully destroys it.

Nagare Hisui dies, as the power that was given to him as king that kept him alive is no longer present. Seri Awashima does not need to kill Reisi Munakata either, but does punch him. Tenkei Iwafune, who was still alive, sets off bombs to destroy Jungle's secret base. He tells Yashiro, Kuroh, and Neko to escape, as well as Kotosaka.

After successfully escaping, it is revealed that Yashiro is not able to stay in the body he has borrowed from the original owner; the only reason he was able to stay was because of the Silver King's power of eternity.But now with the Slate gone, his power is starting to fade and he is no longer able to stay within that body. Yashiro says his good byes, and closes his eyes. When they reopen the original owner owner of the body is back, and does not remember anything.

After the credits, it is revealed that Neko has transferred to Ashinaka High School. Kukuri Yukizome and Neko engage in a conversation that reveals there is a new teacher at their school, nicknamed "Mr.German" by the students. Later, it switches to a scene back in Yashiro's dorm. Kuroh and Neko are both gathered around the coffee table. Yashiro Isana is revealed to be alive, and is back in his original body of Adolf K Weismann.

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