My eyes are everywhere. It's my only freedom.

–Nagare Hisui, speaking to Yashiro Isana.[1]

Nagare Hisui
Kanji 比水 流
Rōmaji Hisui Nagare
Alias Green King (緑の王, Midori no Ō)
Fifth King (弟五王権者, Dai Go Ō Ken-sha)
Race Human
Age 25[2]
Birthday November 11th[3]
Horoscope Scorpio
Height 175 cm (5'9")[4]
Gender 17px-Male.png Male
Eyes Blue
Green (left [released state])
Hair Dark green
Blood Type A[5]
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation 35px-Jungle_Insignia.png Jungle
Previous Occupation King
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Aura Green
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 3 (K Return of Kings)
Japanese Voice Kazuyuki Okitsu
English Voice Robbie Daymond
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Nagare Hisui (比水 流, Hisui Nagare) is the Fifth and Green King, as well as being known as the Ever-Changing King as opposed to how Adolf K. Weismann is known as the Eternal King, and ran the Green Clan, <jungle>. He has the ability to channel himself through a green bird named Kotosaka, and used him as a medium for communication. With the Gold King's death, he is the strongest King, in terms of influence and power, among the seven Kings.[6]


Nagare is a pale, young man with dark green, messy short hair, with his bangs covering his left eye. Originally, his eyes were both blue, but after awakening as a King, his left eye fills with green from his Aura. Where his heart should be, he has a 'hole' with his Aura substituting in as a life force, much like a power core.

His apparel, for the most part, goes unseen, as he is restrained by long, teal straight-jacket left unfastened only at the bottom, with a tattered, ripped hem revealing yellowed leg restraints and dark blue strapped sandals. The restraints of this apparel keep his powers from going out of control.[7]

He sits in a white, blue, and black wheelchair, which is accessorized with much technology. Notably, buttons of different colours on each side: a red triangle, inverted blue triangle, and green square, however their functions are unknown. Across his lap sits a digital pad.

Released State

Nagare's released state.

When Nagare unleashes his power, his appearance changes drastically. His Aura destroys the straitjacket confining him, revealing his outfit. He wears flowing white clothes, including a white shirt with an upturned collar and edged hem. The sleeves of his shirt are loosely sewn together by criss-crossed blue fabric, and the ends are ruffled. This stitching also occurs on his mid-back. Over his white trousers, he wears some sort of white robe or skirt.
Nagare&#039;s left eye

Nagare's left eye after releasing his power.

He completes the outfit with a white, unevenly tied scarf long enough to hang past his knees. His hair also glows pure white. His left eye is shown as green, and both eyes are slitted.[8]

A month after the Dresden Slate's release, its surging power keeps Nagare's hair white, and he changes into an outfit similar to his previous one, but in black. His outfit always appears white when utilising his powers, but after the Slate's destruction, both his hair and clothing revert to their original dark green and black.[9]


Despite being a King, unlike the strong bonding relationship of Kings and clansmen shown by other longtime rival clans such as the Blue and Red, Nagare seems willing to put his clansmen in risky situations but also has faith that they can carry it out. This is evident when he was willing to put Douhan Hirasaka, who is considered an esteemed clansman based on her abilities, in a dangerous situation by activating <jungle>'s bomb despite how she was still in the area where she would likely be caught by the blast radius; Douhan was apparently surged with both disbelief and anger as she was unaware of how her King would easily make such decisions. Thus, Nagare likely sees his Clansmen as either capable of taking care of themselves or possibly just another step to his goals. Along with this, Nagare is a blunt man, with forward instructions and plans. Nagare does not seem to care how much loyalty any of his lower Clansmen have toward him, and is quick to use them for his own benefit, but doesn't seem to have any strong opposition to his clan.

On the contrary, towards his J-Ranked Clansmen, Nagare has a calm, open and honest personality, and takes their eccentricity in stride. They act as a family unit and they not only respect him but cherish him. He appears to have great respect for Tenkei Iwafune, treating him like a father figure. He often supports Sukuna Gojo's enthusiasm for video games, even congratulating him on leveling up in a game when he was supposed to be listening to Nagare's game plan. Nagare entrusts several of his major missions to Yukari Mishakuji, who often also acts as a more disciplinary figure over Sukuna when the latter gets sidetracked from the focus of missions. Nagare overall has a very informal relationship with the three J-Ranks, however he treats them respectfully, and goes as far as to say that the Clan ought to have a Christmas celebration after obtaining the Dresden Slate.[8]

He uses Kotosaka as a way to see what goes on outside to compensate his being in a wheelchair, as well as a companion and trusted clansman.

Nagare is skilled at manipulation, where he notably even manipulated the Colorless King into creating the later chaos that bloomed because of the advice the Green King gave him. However, it seems to be unintentional as he later says he has never thought about controlling people in response to being called manipulative and controlling. [10] Regardless, he has no qualms tasking his J-rank Clansmen with eliminating or killing larger threats to his plans.[11][12]

Alongside this, he has a very childlike personality and seems to genuinely believe his plans are for the best and firmly believes in the good results over the negative that could arise, without bearing any ill will.[6] He believes in every human being "free", and craves for a world where everyone has their own power. He is well aware of the risks involved in this dream of his, and accepts the 'natural selection' it would inevitably bring. [10]

Nagare displays an honest demeanor, answering questions without suspicion or hesitation, even when talking to his enemies such as Anna or Shiro, or a new companion. [13][14][10][15] He is welcoming to anyone who reaches J-Rank, as shown with Sukuna. He talks to him gently and answers all questions he has, and accusations, with a calm face, [10] and appreciates people who think outside the box, overlooking "cheating" and "playing the system", finding it amusing. [16]

Nagare has the outlook of a child, playing a game, and wanting to do the best for others. He is confused at the concept of being more special than others as a King, and believes everyone should be equal and on the same level, able to pursue their own dreams and goals wholeheartedly. [10]

Although childish, Nagare is extremely intelligent, knowing when to withdraw from a plan when a major part of it changes.[11]

Nagare has great respect for Adolf K. Weismann, and is the only King he acknowledges and respects before himself. [10] This was part of why he went to great lengths to capture Anna Kushina, in order to use her divination powers to locate him.[17] He also resorts to attempting to attack Weismann's Clansmen in order to draw him out, however, Neko is the exception, and he wants her brought back unharmed, since he feels they are similar in terms of both being incredibly powerful beings whose current identities are deeply affected by said powers. His enthusiasm over the Silver King's eventual return is one mixed of anger and relief. Nagare's main reason for obtaining the Silver King is to have him and his Clan join him in releasing the Slate's entire power and propel the evolution of mankind. However when the Silver King refuses, Nagare easily resorts to declaring war against him.[18]


11-year old Nagare

11-year old Nagare.

He was born into a family that speaks 'like robots', using polite speech and almost emotionless faces with each other. As such, Nagare grew up in the same way. In spite of being odd, there was love between the members of the family, that they could be described as a happy family[19].

On the day of the Kagutsu Crater Incident, Nagare said goodbye to his mother to go to a friend's house to play a newly released game with their other friends. Right on his arrival at his friend's house, an order to evacuate a nearby city was on TV in the living room. Due to his desire to play with his friends, Nagare ignored this and went up to his friend's room, where everyone was already playing the game. Nagare joined the game, but his attention was soon caught by two swords, far away, floating in the sky. He pointed those to his friends, who became equally curious. They did not know that those where Genji Kagutsu's and Jin Habari's Swords of Damocles. Everyone abandoned the game and went outside to a nearby apartment's rooftop to observe, where they were soon joined by other curious families. One of Nagare's friends speculated that maybe it's a movie shooting, and another observed that the red one is crumbling. Without realizing it immediately himself, Nagare said, "It will fall," making his friends look at him in surprise. Nagare is surprised himself. Somebody yelled that what Nagare said was right; that the red sword was falling. The red sword crashed to the ground. One of his friends even started suggesting that they go to where it fell later to pick up pieces of it, but he didn't finish what he was saying when the shock wave from the Damocles Down hit their area. Nagare witnesses everyones' death as the energy from the Damocles Down swept through their place. Nagare was the only one left alive, despite his heart getting pierced through by a chunk of cement debris[20].

Nagare was found by Tenkei Iwafune amongst the destruction after the incidents of Kagutsu Crater. It was also then that Nagare's power as the Green King awakened, his Sword of Damocles appeared in the sky and his life was preserved.[21]

He previously challenged the Gold King, claiming to want to "challenge the final boss". His power was enough to rival the Gold King's, but ultimately the battle ended in his defeat. Afterwards, Nagare's activities as a present King diminished greatly, and he left much of the fulfillment of his ambitions to Clansmen and missions issued via <jungle>'s social media website.[8]

He suffers from a disability keeping him restrained to his wheelchair, and is familiar with Neko's own history. He refers to her as Miyabi Ameno, and claims they are "similar".[12]



Green Aura: As the Green King, Nagare Hisui has a powerful offensive green aura that comes along with the ray / electricity. Due to him losing his heart as a result of the Kagutsu Crater incident, he has lost what is considered his physical limiter and as such he became able to push his abilities to the extreme, enabling him to even rival the Gold King's strength at one point. However, his life force is only sustained because of his powers as a King and thus he has a time limit for how long he can maintain his full-strength. His full-strength could be defined as using up everything he has in that short time limit before leaving himself with little strength remaining, barely enough to keep him alive. Regardless, he is one of the most powerful Kings, physically and in terms of influence.[6] Using his power appears to energize and stimulate Nagare, as it is seen with a feral, cat-like smile before using it, and smiled wickedly late in his transformed state with a canine visible.[8]

Mediumship: Nagare is able to communicate and see the outside world via using Kotosaka as a medium. Using this, Kotosaka's eyes often glow bright green, and his voice changes to Nagare's.[11]

Nagare&#039;s transformation

Nagare's transformation into a lightning bolt.

Transformation: When releasing his full power, Nagare exerts a huge amount of his Aura. Thus far, only his ability to transform in a lightning bolt has been shown, referred to by Anna Kushina as a "Lightning Beast." He is capable of travelling at an incredibly fast rate, possibly breaking the sound barrier.[8]



  • Although while in his unleashed state, Nagare's left eye appears green, he's earlier seen with both eyes being blue. It's possible that the difference is merely a product of his Aura channeling into his left eye, however usually this would affect both eyes.[22]
  • Previously, the official Return of Kings website accidentally let a prior design of Nagare leak. This design had him in his normal clothing, standing without the wheelchair.
  • His name Nagare (流) means 'current', 'flow', 'forfeit'. His surname Hisui (比水) is composed of two kanji, hi (比, compare, race, ratio) and sui (水, water). 
  • When Nagares full power is released, he is similar to a Raijū, a Japanese mythological creature also known as a lightning beast. It's body composed of lightning, and takes the form of a ball of lightning.


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