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K Radio Drama
Kanji 買い物
Rōmaji Kaimono
English Shopping
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Episode 02
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Shopping (買い物, Kaimono) is the second story in the Radio Drama.


Totsuka decides to take Anna shopping for new clothes and makes Kamamoto and Yata tag along. Totsuka asks if he can see Anna's dress since he was impressed by the frills only to be misunderstood and hit by Yata, who thought Totsuka was trying to peek under her skirt. Totsuka gets side-tracked and buys some fabric and promises to make Anna a dress which Kamamoto worries about since he knew that Totsuka is the type who quickly forgets about things when he is bored. Yata then comments on how Totsuka has unmanly hobbies and when the latter asks what he believes is a "manly hobby" they end up going to an arcade to play a shooting game. Kamamoto becomes more stressed at his Clansmen, and becomes distressed when Anna asks to play one with "red" which ended up being a shooting zombie game. Finally they go to buy Anna a dress, but due to Totsuka's fabric and Yata's game playing, they decide to beg at Kamamoto who pays for the dress. Back at HOMRA, Anna shows Mikoto her dress and happily runs away when he comments about it. Totsuka teases his Kings while Yata asks why Kamamot is smirking

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Tatara Totsuka
  2. Misaki Yata
  3. Rikio Kamamoto
  4. Anna Kushina
  5. Mikoto Suoh


Radio Drama
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Bar HOMRA Cocktail

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