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Song of the Cat
Volume 1 Front Cover
Kanji ネコのうた
Rōmaji Neko no Uta
English Song of the Cat
Song Information
Lyrics Suzu Suzuki (GoRA)
Music Yukari Hashimoto
Arrangement Yukari Hashimoto
Artist Neko (Cv. Mikako Komatsu)
Song Number 03
Character Song Guide
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Legend Kitchen Wild Crow

Song of the Cat (ネコのうた, Neko no Uta) is a character song, sung by Neko (Cv. Mikako Komatsu).


Tail curled up, purr reverberating in my throat
My stomach side is up, I throw myself down
This is home, my humble home
the only place in the world where I can feel safe in

Bouncing with a ‘pyon’ and rolling around
Chasing after people is my forte
Once the bell chimes and rings
Look! You are mine

Come! I call out in one breath
Just like the wind, I run dashing through
Can you catch me?
I showed up beside the puzzled you
Giggling, I laugh quietly

Whiskers all curled up, I poke your nose
With eyes wide open, let’s take a peek
“Who are you? Where are you from?”
He’s the only one whom I feel safe to be with

Stepping and dancing softly
Hide-and-seek? It’s my specialty!
If you put on the bell around my white neck
Look! I am yours

Hey! I take a wide stride and fly
Just like water, I pass slipping through
Can you come and find me?
I creep up behind you who’s looking for me
Grinning, I laugh in discreet

In a dark room, all alone by myself
You have come and found me crying
If it means I can protect you
it doesn’t matter whether it’s fake nor illusion

Meow! I screech loudly in one heave
Just like a cat, fluttering my body
Is it impossible to have only both of us?
From afar I observe the disappearing you
I call out to you dryly

Shippo o tatete Nodo o narashite
Onaka o misete Nekoronjaou
Koko wa o uchi Watashi no o uchi
Sekaijuu no doko yori mo Anshin dekiru kara

Pyon to hanete wa Kururi to mawaru
Oikakekko wa Ote no mono
Chirin to suzu ga Nari hibiitara
Anata wa Hora Watashi no mono

Saa! to hitoiki Ookiku sakebi
Kaze no you ni Kakenukete iku
Watashi no koto o Tsukamae rareru?
Madou anata no Sugu tonari de
Watashi wa kusukusu Chiisaku warau

Ohige o tatete hana o tsukidashi
Me o mihiraite Nozoitemiyou
Anata wa dare Doko kara kita no
Sekaijuu no dare yori mo Anshin dekiru kara

Chon to nottara Fuwari to odoru
Kakurenbo nara Daitokui
Shiroi kubi e to Suzu o tsuketara
Watashi wa Hora Anata no mono

Yaa! To hitoashi Ookiku tonde
Mizu no you ni Surinukete iku
Watashi no koto o Mitsukete kureru?
Sagasu anata no Sugu ushiro de
Watashi wa niyaniya Hisoka ni warau

Kurai oheya de hitoribocchi
Naiteru watashi o Mitsukete kureta
Anata no koto o mamoreru no nara
Nisemono demo Maboroshi demo Kamawanai

Nyaa! To hitokoe Takaku naite
Neko no you ni Mi o hirugaesu
Watashi to anata dake ja dame na no?
Kieru anata o Tooku mitsume
Koe o karashite Watashi wa sakebu

尻尾を立てて 喉を鳴らして
お腹を見せて 寝転んじゃおう
ここはおうち わたしのおうち
世界中のどこよりも 安心できるから

ぴょんと跳ねては くるりと回る
追いかけっこは お手の物
ちりんと鈴が 鳴り響いたら
あなたは ほら わたしのもの

さあ! と一息 大きく叫び
風のように 駆け抜けて行く
わたしのことを 捕まえられる?
惑うあなたの すぐ隣で
わたしはくすくす 小さく笑う

おヒゲを立てて 鼻を突き出し
目を見開いて 覗いてみよう
あなたはだれ どこからきたの
世界中の誰よりも 安心できるから

ちょんと乗ったら ふわりと踊る
かくれんぼなら 大得意
白い首へと 鈴をつけたら
わたしは ほら あなたのもの

やあ! と一足 大きく跳んで
水のように すり抜けていく
わたしのことを 見つけてくれる?
探すあなたの すぐ後ろで
わたしはにやにや 密かに笑う

泣いてるわたしを 見つけてくれた
偽物でも 幻でも 構わない

にゃあ! と一声 高く鳴いて
ネコのように 身を翻す
消えるあなたを 遠く見つめ
声を涸らして わたしは叫ぶ


Song of the Cat
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