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stand in the wilderness
Vol 7 Cover
Song Information
Lyrics Kōhei Azano (GoRA)
Music R•O•N
Arrangement R•O•N
Artist Mikoto Suoh (Cv. Kenjirō Tsuda)
Character Song Guide
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stand in the wilderness is a character song of K, sung by Mikoto Suoh (Cv. Kenjirō Tsuda).


Poetry Reading ver.Edit

Deep within me, lies a smoldering flame

Like the pure fire of death, a dark glow

Deep inside my head, a torturing pain

Of a crimson destruction, a sweet temptation

Irritation repressed by a clenched fist

Impulse forborne behind gritted teeth

Welling up (inside me) is the encouraging beat of power

Of a crimson destruction, a temptation of flames

Why not in this wilderness- where I will involve no one

In the vast wilderness, I stand alone

As my heart pleases, I can do what I want

Push my power to its limits, till nothing else remains

Fangs bared in aggression, my right arm is held back

A burning gaze, bright like a dark glow

I thirst for the taste of blood, in a bestial nature

It speaks of a crimson destruction, in a dripping delight

A soul which desires a battle

An insanity that craves for release

Burning through everything while laughing

My crimson destruction... becomes reality in that moment

I’d rather take it out in this wilderness, far away from you

In the distant wilderness, I stand here at will

In the depths of my heart, I lay bare my feelings

Exhausting all my strength, all for the sake of freedom…

Of that crimson destruction, now held back by a lock

My trembling fist now burns with a healing flame

In place are these crimson bonds, of things I have to protect

So, good bye, wilderness

For now.. I don’t need that, yet...

ore no oku kusuburu honoo

shi no okibi kurai kagayaki

atama no shin sainamu itami

akai hametsu amai yuuwaku

iradachi wo osaeru kobushi

shoudou wo koraeru okuba

wakiagaru chikara no kodou

akai hametsu honoo no sasoi

isso kouya ni dare mo tsurezuni

hiroi kouya ni hitori de tatte

kokoro no mama ni omou ga mama ni

chikara no kagiri nani mo nokosazu

takeru kiba hayaru migi ude

moeru hitomi kurai kagayaki

chi ni ueru kemono no sagi

akai hametsu shitataru yuetsu

tatakai wo nozomu tamashii

kaihou wo hossuru kyouki

warai nagara moyashi tsukusu

akai hametsu setsuna no riaru

isso kouya ni haruka kanata ni

tooki kouya ni kimamani tatte

kokoro no oku wo omoi no take wo

chikara tsukushite subete jiyuu ni

akai hametsu todomeru kusari

furueru kobushi iyasu honoo

akai kizuna mamoru beki mono

Good-bye, wilderness 

ima wa, mada

俺の奥 燻る炎

死の熾火 暗い輝き

頭の芯 苛む痛み

赤い破滅 甘い誘惑

苛立ちを 抑える拳

衝動を こらえる奥歯

湧き上がる 力の鼓動

赤い破滅 炎の誘い

いっそ荒野に 誰も連れずに

広い荒野に 独りで立って

心のままに 思うがままに

力の限り 何も残さず

猛る牙 逸る右腕

燃える瞳 暗い輝き

血に飢える 獣の性

赤い破滅 滴る愉悦

戦いを 望む魂

解放を 欲する狂気

笑いながら 燃やし尽くす

赤い破滅 刹那のリアル

いっそ荒野に 遥か彼方に

遠き荒野に 気ままに立って

心の奥を 思いの丈を

力尽くして すべて自由に

赤い破滅 留める鎖

震える拳 癒す炎

赤い絆 守るべきもの

good-bye wilderness



Poetry Reading ver.Edit

stand in the wilderness (Poetry Reading ver.)
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