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Tales of Hermit
Vol 7 Cover
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Artist Yashiro Isana (Cv. Daisuke Namikawa)
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Tales of Black dog Requiem of Red

Tales of Hermit is a character song of K, sung by Yashiro Isana/Adolf K. Weismann (Cv. Daisuke Namikawa )


Let's talk about something a long, long time ago

Buried within the flow of history

The story of a sword

That could never be told

Beneath a burning and falling sky

The sword was drawn, and pinned

This body, these limbs

To an endless prison

Tied down by the chains of time

No matter how much I stretch out my hand, stretching it far

Even my fingertips can't reach

A silver vessel

Let's talk about a pitiful man

One that escaped into the darkness of history

The story of a man

Who should never be forgiven

Above a rotting sky

The man was taken, and fell into

A momentary rest

With this soul, and this heart

Released from the chains of time

I spread my arms, spread them wide

It crumbles into dust from my touch

A colorless vessel

I stretched out my hand, stretched it far

If even our fingertips could touch

I will spread my arms, spread them wide

And never let go of that hand I have in my grasp

A crimson parasol

Let's talk about the future a little

Even though everything will turn to history someday

Let's talk about us

Who still remain pure white

Tooi mukashi no hanashi wo shiyouka

Rekishi no naka ni umoreta

Sore ha keshite Katararenai

Tsurugi no hanashi

Moete ochiyuku Sora no shita

Tsurugi wa nukarete Nuitometa

Owaru koto naki Rougoku he to

Kono karada to Kono te ashi wo

Toki no kusari ni musubarare nagara

Ude wo nobashite Nobashitemo

Yubisaki sae mo furerarenai

Hakugin no utsuwa

Aware na otoko no hanashi wo shiyouka

Rekishi no yami ni nigenobita

Sore wa keshite Yurusarenai

Otoko no hanashi

Karete kuchiyuku Sora no ue

Otoko wa ubaware ochinobiru

Tada hitotoki no Yasuragi he to

Kono tamashii to Kono kokoro wo

Toki no kusari ni toki hanatarete

Ude wo hirogete Hirogetemo

Fureru saki kara kuzure ochiru

Mushoku no utsuwa

Ude wo nobashite Tada nobashite

Yubisaki dake demo fureraretara

Ude wo hirogete Tada hirogete

Tsukanda sono te wa hanasanai

Shuiro no wagasa

Korekara saki no hanashi wo shiyouka

Itsuka rekishi ni naru darou

Soredemo ima ha masshiro na

Bokura no hanashi



それは決して 語られない


燃えて落ちゆく 空の下

剣は抜かれて 縫い止めた

終わることなき 牢獄へと

この身体と この手足を


胸を伸ばして 伸ばしても





それは決して 許されない


枯れて朽ちゆく 空の上

男は奪われ 落ち延びる

ただひとときの 安らぎへと

この魂と この心を


腕を広げて 広げても



腕を伸ばして ただ伸ばして


腕を広げて ただ広げて








Tales of Hermit
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