For the character Misaki Yata, see Misaki Yata.
Yata MisaKi
Volume 2 Music Cover
Song Information
Music Mikio Endo
Arrangement Mikio Endo
Artist Mikio Endo
Song Number 16
Original Soundtrack Guide
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Killer Friendship

Yata MisaKi is an original soundtrack of the K anime.


A long day's night training
Shou toll plumber pasta bowl
Incognito shimedgy fortinero, shibby da
Sword genkai gamera brain
Wielding trucks, decks
Switching and grinding

The tourists with the digi and a camera flash
Crisp roasted garlic bread breath
Slaw limmer bomb hills

Riding the sneaks, he sneakers
The ramps and empty pools
This looks like a blunt wielding,
Speedy and chest bamboo
Café smoking papers

Bunker buster buster bonk headbutt
Stone, silly, stupid, brown and cupid
I'll rush in kitchen stadium puppets
Human daisha michibata shimagaki wax
Makita whack chasers.

Conscientious deserter
Chocolatey smooth grip
Java street script
With sunny side banana split
Your best necks like guitars that use
Diffuse, stro molotov cocktails
Against the agnostic atheists, we are trying to save the whales.

AHABS, that mitt, black dragon
Emerald Lieutenant, predator vests
Fashion, liquid mercury
Surf on concrete

Terminating Monday hangovers with rice spirits and ceramic bearings
For all your Mabus
The wild fang pitching the two seamless
Judo brats leaving a strange look in your face

Don't break me, that's years of bad luck
Stuffed porcelain pork
That's what hammers are for
5-6, 360 back to dog's town
The dragon's dungeon, plungin'
If you are what I left out

And other types of paradoxical crossword puzzles
Scramble the backsides of the one God's fee I trust
Cross-eyed, tongue bow-tied, moth balls for raw kiss
Skid marks all over the walls
Street paper maché
Ash trays made from college degrees trying to be free

Don't get me wrong I bong bost the foot clan too
That's emperor's English

Street dodger, dunking dog-catcher nets
Knowledge distiller du vais villa
Season, fabulous Idaho
How she can see lazy boy forget chips

Chapelle Snickers
Crown Athlete Manuel Chuck Wagons
Chuckles and Sniggers
Always playin' it close
Not one to boast
Rocking to make sure my hammerhead stays afloat

Cowboy boy soil
Cheetos, mosquitoes
Round up, grip tank
Sandy beach sunsets to sunrise, Vay-Cay
Caramel and peanuts
Blue cows ski, skates souls

Grinding, flip tricks
Kicks and pay day
Kick, push, play


Yata MisaKi
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