Yayoi Yoshino
Professional Status
Base of Operations Scepter 4 HQ
Aura Blue


Yayoi is a short, skinny young woman with messy, disheveled hair and wide glasses. Zenjo thinks she looks like a child.


Yoyoi is an anxious, though qualified member of Scepter 4. She is intimidated by Awashima but has no problems working with Zenjou. she is shy mousy personality and admires Awashima


Yayoi first appears in K: Days of Blue[1]. She works as the General Affairs Section clerk and has been tasked with taking care of Kuro, a black cat Gōki Zenjō takes care of. When Kuro goes missing, Yayoi teams up with Seri Awashima to find him.

After a series of misadventures, they realize that Kuro has been killing dangerous animals set loose by a resentful animal shop owner.

Later, Yayoi accompanies Awashima to Bar HOMRA. There Yayoi orders a non-alcoholic cocktail with lots of mayonnaise.


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